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A Hemi powered vehicle's performance goes beyond high performance suspension parts, which we have been focusing on for few years. Such a great platform deserves high performance in just about every component that goes into building it.

We started by looking at its cooling system and started by looking at its radiator hoses. 

At some point, you will have to replace your radiator hoses, but wouldn't be great to have more performance options available?

What is readily available are OEM like varieties but we wanted to let our imagination go on a wild ride. What can we dream up when it comes to high performance radiator hoses?

We have to stick to our core values. We were always pro, long life, high performance upgrades so we specified a very high performance set of parameters for hose sets.

Since we don't have that manufacturing expertise in house, we partnered up with reputable vendors that specialize in building performance radiator hoses and shared our specifications with them. 

We were happy to find out that our partners were able to meet out high demand and build what we specified.


The JeePerf interpretation of a high quality, long life, high performance radiator hose kit for the Hemi engined Jeeps.

The hoses are made of the Highest Quality Silicone that has been specified by JeePerf.

Each hose is made to perfectly fit. Each hose is made up of a 5-Ply, 5.5mm thickness for Strength, extreme temperatures, extreme pressures and very long service life.

The hoses can operate at extreme temperatures, high pressures, large vacuum pressures and meet the demands of high performance requirements.

High quality clamps are included, for easier installation and to achieve the highest quality system operation. We even include stainless steel anti-collapse spring on the low pressure hose for extra protection and extreme mods that can crank up to 1000HP from the Hemi engine.

The beefier hoses have a Working pressure of 85 PSI  and a burst pressure of more than 350 PSI.

The hoses, due to their design, construction and materials,  have a very wide operating temperature range from -65°F to 500°F.

We believe our hoses are the highest quality radiator hoses available for hemi powered WK & XK Jeeps.

Now you have more options to choose from.

An UPGRADED replacement to Mopar's

55116865AC, 55116869AB and all 4 hose clamps

Jeep WK/XK Hemi High Performance Silicone Radiator Hose Set

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