JeePerf "SuperFlex", Low Profile, Heavy Duty "SuperFlex" Steering Kit AND "ToughRack" steering rack Heavy Duty Upgrade kit


The JeePerf "SuperFlex" Heavy Duty Steering Kits provide 50+ degrees of flex yet are virtually indestructible! On a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK, that translates to over 12” of droop distance and over 18” of suspension travel range using the OEM Spindles.

This system is made to work with just about ANY commercially available or custom built lift heights possible. Made as a Low Profile to work with IFS (Independent Front Suspension) Jeeps (Grand Cherokee WK, Commander XK, ...etc.), Dodge RAM, GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado, Ford F150.........etc  with OEM spindles and can easily be adapted to fit other IFS makes and models. 

Whether your vehicle is lifted, has larger, heavier tires, used for desert racing, used in punishing off road environments, or simply just want an unparalleled strength, great smooth feedback steering system, then these "SuperFlex" Steering Kits are an absolute must have for you. 

Features and Benefits of Using our Steering Kit 

Tipping the scale at 12+ lbs for both arms, one of the biggest benefits of running this kit is its ability to SAFELY handle large range of suspension travel distance. These distances are common when running larger tires, suspension lifts, body lifts and when taking large compression forces at high speeds like in an off road racing environment. 

Built using extreme duty spherical bearings, they provide maximum articulation angles and unparalleled strength. They are self lubricating and sealed for LONG LIFE and MINIMAL MAINTENANCE requirements. 

This kit has an ECONOMICAL benefit as well as it reduces the future repair cost of the steering system. A lift introduces sharper steering angles and added stresses on the OEM steering system at maximum flex which will accelerate wear and reduce the steering system’s service life. Since our kit has a much larger flex range, it will expand the steering system’s range of operating angles. The steering box will operate within its new, expanded range of operation despite the lift, restoring back its normal service life. 


Heavy Duty Steering Rack Upgrade kit

You will, at some point in time, start experiencing some knock in your steering wheel when you hit bumps or potholes.

A short term solution to that was suggested to tighten the cover plate on the steering rack about ⅛ to ¼ turns. After some while from doing this adjustment, your steering wheel will start experiencing a knock again, and that typically is an indication that you will have to upgrade your rack using JeePerf's ToughRack  

The steering feedback FEELING experienced using this kit is like nothing else. Due to its large range of operating angles, the steering feedback experienced on your lifted vehicle is smooth, accurateuR

Jeep WK/XK "SuperFlex ToughRack" IFS Steering Complete Upgrade Solution Combo

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