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SuperFlex Tie Rod Ends (TREs) from JeePerf

JeePerf, world renowned for its high end, heavy duty, long life, suspension components, that are re-engineered to enhance the offroad capabilities of modern vehicles, yet fit in the same place of their OEM replacements with minor, if any, modifications.

One of JeePerf's highly regarded

steering components is the SuperFlex tie rod ends (TREs).

Built using industrial strength, permanently lubricated, spherical bearings, and modern high strength metal alloys, we design and build the TREs in different shapes and sizes to accommodate many vehicles.

Designed to outflex, outlive and outperform OEM components, they became a natural fit for lifted 4x4 vehicles, off-road racing rigs, custom built trophy trucks and heavy duty military applications.

The SuperFlex TREs are rebuildable and all of their components, except for the bearings, are warranted for a lifetime of service.

Designed to naturally fit where OEM rod ends mounted, they are now installed and are being enjoyed in many IFS long travel suspension vehicles like Jeeps, Toyotas, GMCs, Dodge, RAMs, Hummers and others.

An essential upgrade for lifted trucks with larger, heavier tires, they provide steering precision, control and feel like never experienced before.

SuperFlex suspension components from JeePerf

Do it ONCE, Do it RIGHT


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