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The JeePerf SuperFlex ADJUSTABLE Rear Lower Control Arm for Jeep Grand Cherokees (WK) and Commanders (XK)

Improve your vehicles on and off road handling, traction, droop travel and Pinion angle with JeePerf’s adjustable Rear lower control arms.

Featuring a heavy duty Spherical Bearing imbedded in Polyurethane and Heim joints, this arm is designed for comfort, full articulation and gas tank clearance to enhance traction, ride quality and safety.

When you flex your rear suspension over 2”, your rear axle must move forward and a little bit to the side to accommodate this motion then get back to its normal position when the vehicle is at normal height. When you lift your Jeep 2" or more, the rear axle permanently moves forward and to the side at the new vehicle height. When you flex your suspension further, it moves forward and to the side even more, possibly rubbing the tire on the fender and causing accelerated tire wear due to a skewed rear axle. The vehicle will also steer uncomfortably and bounce from side to side when hitting bumps at speed.

This added height has another effect on the pinion angle of the drive shaft. It now must operate at steeper angle which will introduce added vibration to the cabin as well as accelerated universal joint wear.

To lift the rear end of your Jeep properly, your rear suspension needs new geometry to accommodate the lift. This can be achieved by using adjustable control arms, adjustable track bar and adjustable swaybar bar links if using a rear swaybar.

The adjustable control arms can be adjusted to move the rear axle back to the center of the wheel well.

JeePerf's SuperFlex LCA are solidly built using the very best materials and most innovative design techniques. Safety, functionality and versatility were paramount requirements when we were designing and building these arms.

JeePerf's SuperFlex Rear Adjustable LCA, using its imbedded Spherical bearing in Polyurethane bushing design at the chassis side guarantees smooth operation with a comfort level not achievable using a regular bushing or a metal-on-metal bearing.

The arm fully flexes to allow the rear axle's unimpeded free movement with its increased travel range due to the lift.

With their large adjustment range, these LCAs are compatible with your current OEM setup AND future lift plans. The joints are upgradable so you never have to replace your LCA again.

The JeePerf's SuperFlex LCA uses thick gauge DOM, solid bar and thick adjustment tubes. We use heavy duty, XR rated, Chromoly, industrial strength, sealed Heim joints and steel spacers for attachment to the unibody mounts. The spherical bearings we use are large, heavy duty, industrial quality bearings that can comfortably handle some serious abuse. The bearings and Heim joints we use are specified to be permanently lubricated so they will never need greasing and will require minimal to no maintenance during their service life.

With such an advanced, adjustable, versatile, upgradeable and flexible design, these LCAs have surprisingly a simple bolt-on arrangement. All you need to do is set them up for the proper length and mount them proudly in place of your old LCA.

You will notice aome initial impressions upon driving with the JeePerf SuperFlex LCA:

Tightened up yet easier and more confident handling. Your Jeep will feel as if you are driving a brand new sports car.
Superior vehicle tracking and handling
Quiet, smooth, controlled bump taking feeling that feels more like gliding over bumps. The faster your speed is hitting the bump, the smoother it feels.
Lane changes at speed will be quicker and more precise with superior straight line tracking
You will notice the side stance of your Jeep has improved, more of a natural look and not like a typically lifted reduced wheel track stance.

The JeePerf SuperFlex LCAs come in durable, powder coated Red finish with the elegant JeePerf logo on it, setup and ready for installation.

Four wheel alignment after installation is required.

Jeep WK/XK Rear Adjustable SuperFlex LCA PAIR

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