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Tesla Model S/X Rear Adjustable Camber AND Toe Link Arms Kit with Heim & Soft, Long Life Polyurethane terminations

Those links were introduced based on many requests by our Tesla Model S customers.

They come with heavy duty, three piece, internally lubricated Heim joints for the wheel side and soft polyurethane termination with internal solid lubrication and Zerk fittings on the chassis side.

Those links maintain your original ride comfort due to the soft PU compound used, but improve handling and prolong rear tire life tremendously.

Our adjustable links are used to correct both the camber and toe angles of the rear wheels and allow you to run bigger wheels and tires if you so choose. With these arms, you can perfectly align the rear wheels with the fronts for phenomenal improvement in ride quality, reduction in tire noise and increase in rear tires service life.

Prolong your rear tires life and gain phenomenal traction and handling improvements in both Acceleration and Regen modes, and get very long service life with these adjustable toe links from JeePerf.

Tesla Model S X Rear Geometry Correction Performance Camber+Toe Adjustment

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