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05-17 Toyota Tacoma High Articulation Bump Steer Correct Rebuildable Tie Rod Ends (2). Condition is New.

JeePerf SuperFlex high articulation tie rod ends for the Toyota Tacoma. World famous for their strength, high articulation and rebuildability,

Jeeperf SuperFlex Heavy Duty, Bump Steer Correct Steering Kit


The JeePerf "SuperFlex" Heavy Duty Steering Kits provide over 80° degrees of flex angle ROM (Range-of-Motion) yet are virtually indestructible! On a Tacoma, that translates to over 11” of droop distance from horizontal and over 20” of front wheel suspension travel range. This system is made to work with just about ANY commercially available or custom built lift WITHOUT having to change your OEM spindles.


The design of the TREs is OFFSET AND WITH ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT, as compared to your OEM ones. This design can be mounted either ABOVE OR BELOW the steering knuckle as it has more clearances than OEM ones. With our design being OFFSET, those TREs can be mounted facing forwards or backwards depending on clearances imposed by your lift. Their height can also be adjusted to eliminate any bump steering effects imposed by the suspension lift. 

Whether your vehicle is lifted, has larger, heavier tires, used for racing, used in punishing off road environments, or simply just want an unparalleled strength with great smooth feedback steering system, then these "SuperFlex" Steering Kits are a viable option to consider.

Features and Benefits of Using our Super Flex Steering Kit:

Tipping the scale at 6 lbs for both ends, one of the biggest benefits of running this kit is its re-engineering to SAFELY handle a huge range of suspension travel. These distances are common when running larger tires, suspension lifts, body lifts and when taking large compression forces at high speeds like in an off road racing environment.

Built using extreme duty SEALED spherical bearings, they provide maximum articulation angles and unparalleled strength. They are self lubricating and sealed for LONG LIFE and MINIMAL MAINTENANCE requirements.

This kit has an ECONOMICAL benefit as well as it reduces the future repair cost of the steering system. A lift introduces sharper steering angles and high stresses on the steering system at maximum flex which will accelerate wear and reduce the steering system’s service life. Our kit pushes the design limits further out to allow your lifted vehicle to operate within large, yet safe and economical engineering margins.

The steering feedback FEELING experienced using this kit is like nothing else. Due to its large range of operating angles, the steering feedback experienced on your lifted vehicle is smooth, accurate, confident and precise. Taking bumps at speed feels more like gliding over them. Confident steering feedback is proven to improve reaction time, increase safety and improve times in racing environments.

It is EASY to install with no modifications required. You can easily install our kit by yourself. It is mandatory, though, to perform a front end alignment after installation.

JeePerf’s bearings, attachement pins and tie rods are made of strong CHROMOLY alloy steel and have larger dimensions than OEM, giving them maximum STRENGTH. Most bolts, nuts and locknuts are high grade steel. This steering kit is very well built.

Our tie rods and joint assemblies are powder coated for LONG SERVICE LIFE and protection from harsh elements. Colors are tastefully chosen to give your tie rods an elegant appearance.

Our spindle pins are tapered and made of thicker, stronger, heat treated, solid chromoly steel alloy giving them a strong and perfectly fitting spherical joint conversion and long service life. They are tapered to fit your spindle hole.

Our SuperFlex Tie Rod are REBUILDABLE. They are designed and built using CHROMOLY 4140 with the very capable HCOM16T (outer tie rods), permanently lubricated, SPHERICAL BEARINGS that can handle some very serious abuse. They are powder coated for long service life and aesthetic appeal.

We consider our SuperFlex Tie Rod system to be the BEST available aftermarket steering kit/tie rod system for IFS Vehicles on the market today.

Each kit we sell is GUARANTEED for the life of the vehicle, except for the spherical bearings which, despite their strength and high quality, are considered wearable items and, when needed, can easily be replaced.

This system is a great solution for anyone looking to give their vehicle an unparalleled steering system strength, a longer travel suspension, increase tire size, desert race, off road use or simply looking for smooth steering feedback and performance. It comes highly recommended for off-road use.

NOT for use on trucks with Electronic Steering

Toyota Tacoma LandCruiser SuperFlex Tie Rod Ends

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