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This is the Super Duty version of our sturdy front differential bushing set including ONE HydroPoly bushing with hardware for the Pinion mount. Permanently lubricated, except for the Pinion mount, this is designed for the longest service life, extreme driving environments like desert racing, drag racing, rock crawling, and extreme, enthusiastic driving conditions. It will have much longer service life under normal driving conditions yet still deliver day to day driver comfort and control.

The transverse insert mount comes with permanent lubrication as well as a zerk fitting that will need to be drilled for after being mounted into its assembly. It is designed to be internally greased in order to flush out its internals from dirt, saltwater or other abrasive contaminants found in harsh environments.

The Hydropoly bushing, specially designed for the PINION mount, is designed to deliver very long service life, withstand the most abuse and absorb most drivetrain NVH. Once mounted, it is designed to seal itself, so a healthy dose of synthetic grease will be required to lubricate it. It will maintain most of its internal synthetic grease but occasional servicing will be required. It has the hardware to allow for easy lubrication while mounted. It is recommended for the Zerk fitting to face towards the front end of the Jeep for easy lubrication.

05-10 Jeep WK/XK Super Duty Front Differential Bushings Set

  • When the stock rubber bushings get old, the rubber degrades, becomes brittle and starts to crack, allowing the front differential to move as it tries to transfer motion to the front tires and hit the chassis excessively. This causes the front half axles and propeller shaft to be at extreme angles at times while trying to transfer power to the wheels, causing excessive wear and premature failure of these components. This also causes a disturbing clunck sounding jolt when shifting from P or R to D or vice versa as the differential rotates and slams against the chassis.


    This bushing design when used as a complete set, will reduce most excessive movements of the differential and minimize the problems that come with it. These mounts will reduce differential movement for excellent power transfer from the drivetrain to the ground, but since they are the super duty version of our highly successful sturdy bushing design, they will contribute a bit more, yet very tolerable levels of NVH to the driver inside the cabin due to their hybrid, permanent lubrication design and properties of the special polyurethane compound used. 


    Made of a hybrid of proprietary materials, high quality polyurethane compounds and solid steel hardware, these bushings will not only firm up the front axle assembly and eliminate that mushy feel associated with the factory stock rubber bushings, but they will also have a long service life compared to their rubber OEM counterparts yet will need minimal maintenance requirements.


    These Bushings present an excellent value by not having to be replaced as often as OEM ones, saving on future labor costs and vehicle down time.


    Each bushing comes pre lubricated, preassembled and ready to install into your Jeep. Once installed, the pinion and passenger mounts will not require any servicing. Under normal driving conditions, no servicing is required on the front transverse mount insert. In Severe Duty (SD) driving conditions, occassional greasing is required on the front transverse mount insert once mounted, which is easily accessible, in order flush out its internals from contaminants found in extremely harsh environments. 

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