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JeePerf "FlexLift", 3.5-6” Adjustable Height Strut lift for Jeep WK, XK, Dodge RAM, GM, … others Did you ever lift your Jeep but were unhappy with your new rake?  Did you ever want to lift your Jeep but wanted to use a front lift from a different vendor than the rear? How would you feel about finding out that after you installed your lift that your left side is sitting at a different height compared to the right side? Doesn't it make more sense to be able to adjust the left and right sides independently from one another to sit at the same height? How do you feel about being able to change your Jeep’s height to accommodate bigger tires without having to spend more money and effort buying a whole new lift and selling your older one? How do you feel about being able to achieve any or all of these goals EASILY in one purchase with a fair price? Adjusting one or both sides of your Jeep’s front height has just become possible, fast, convenient and easy with Adjustable Strut Lift from JeePerf. Whether adding a lift to mount larger tires, compensating for sagging springs, leveling an unleveled vehicle, or adjusting the rake on your newly lifted Jeep, this extraordinary approach provide an easy to use, convenient, on the vehicle control of ride height without removing any suspension components!   JerPerf’s Adjustable Strut Spacers feature sturdy steel construction. The threaded design easily allow changes to your vehicle height with a level of precision impossible with ordinary spacers. Heavy duty adjustment rings are easy to operate while the suspension is unloaded, using only a Crescent wrench to turn and adjust. Mounted in place of the OEM strut in the clevis fork using the same hardware as the OEM, the JeePerf Adjustable Strut Spacers are easy to mount and use. At its shortest position, the adjustable spacer raises your Jeep 3.5". Ride height can be increased even more by rotating the adjustment ring for a maximum lift of 6”. You can also fine tune your ride height by making both left and right sides of your Jeep sit at an identical height. Restore your ride height, match your rear lift and give your Jeep the rake you want by using the JeePerf adjustable spacers. These spacers are offered in pairs only.

Jeep WK/XK "FlexLift" Adj. Strut Lift 3.75-6" (SL or modified OEM Spindles)

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