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2 Degree Front Caster Correction Bushing Kit for 2-2.5" Lifted Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol and other models. Made of Polyurethane/Steel it will restore wheel alignment to factory specifications and provide long service life, quiet operation, easy installation, improved tire wear and crisp vehicle handling. Article

Toyota LC S100/Nissan Patrol 2° Caster Correction Off-Center Bushings (4) the

  • OEM bushings are made of rubber which separates the faces of two objects while allowing a certain amount of rotational movements. As your Vehicle moves over rough or bumpy surfaces, the bushings allows the suspension parts to move easily. The rubber which is flexible in nature also absorbs noise and small vibrations transmitted from the chassis of the vehicle.

    OEM bushings are made through hot-bonded construction process where elastic material, in this case rubber, is either melted or injected to the inner and outer metal sleeves. Rubber will bond to metal, but as rubber wears out over time as a result of heat, natural elements and frequent movement, it loses its elasticity, becomes brittle, cracks and disintegrates. This changes the geometry of the front suspension causing poor vehicle alignment, poor traction, excessive tire wear, unsafe high speed handling, cornering, and braking. This will also allow more noise and vibration to be transmitted from the chassis into the cabin.


    Benefits of Using our Bushings


    Our high quality engineered bushing design is very unique, in both its selection of materials used as well as bushing design. They are made from proprietary blended, superior quality elastomer for maximum durability. These bushings are engineered for comfort, performance and longevity.


    Our design is a floating design as our bushing material does not bond to metal. It remains suspended on the mounting surface which allows for smooth operation, greater range of motion and a very long service life due to the design's elimination of torsional stresses. Our design is also very practical as these bushings will not require any maintenance once mounted.


    Our bushings will maintain proper front end alignment while driving. This is achieved even when off roading or driving on extreme terrains. As a result, there is an overall improvement in handling, cornering and control on road and flexibility and comfort off road.

    Installing our high quality bushings will lighten up your vehicle’s handling which hastens navigation. They will make it easier to maneuver your vehicle on uneven road surfaces or when driving in extreme weather conditions.

    Another benefit of using these bushings is that they are useful in controlling wheel hop which also improves cornering control. They help maintain proper front end alignment under extreme driving conditions which allows good steering response and greater control of the vehicle.

    These bushings, while delivering their benefits, they absorb most NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) transmitted to the vehicle’s interior cabin making them very suitable for daily driving.


    Bushing kit comes with Front and Rear Bushes of the Left and Right Caster / Leading Arm. It is best to replace both bushings on this arm whilst you have it out. The kit has the bushings to replace all four front caster bushes and is designed to allow for correction of caster angle which is required when taller springs have been installed. This kit includes four (4) of the Highest Quality 2 deg Caster Correction Bushes for radius arm to differential mount to suit (2"-2.5") 50mm to 65mm Raised Vehicle. The bushings must be aligned properly, per attached video instructions, then pressed in one arm at a time using a hydraulic press.


    Will fit the following vehicles:



    105 Series - 1998-2007


    76, 78 Series - 2007-on
    76, 78 Series - 2001-2007


    79 Series - 2007-on
    80 Series - 1990-1997
    71 Series - 1999-2000
    73 Series - 1990-1999
    79 Series - 1999-2006
    74 Series - 1985-1990


    70 Series - 1988-1996



    Y60 GQ Wagon - 1988-1997
    Y61 GU Wagon - 1997-2010
    Y61 GU Cab Chassis (Coil Spring Front - Leaf Spring Rear) - 1997-2010
    Y61 GU Cab Chassis (Coil Spring Front - Rear) - 1997-2010
    Y60 GQ Cab Chassis (Coil Spring Front - Rear) - 1988-1997
    Y60 GQ Cab Chassis (Coil Spring Front - Leaf Spring Rear) - 1988-1997



    DA 02-1988 - 02-1994

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