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Using the OEM track bar is acceptable as long as its rubber ends are in new condition and the vehicle has stock height. 

With age, or when lifting your Jeep, the OEM bar becomes too short and the rear axle gets pulled to one side.  An adjustable length track bar is needed at this point. 

Our On-The-Vehicle (OTV) Adjustable track bar offers a strong, conveniently adjustable, long life track bar that will fit your vehicle. 

Our track bar also gives you the flexibility to terminate it based upon how you drive your vehicle. The OTV track bar comes in two setups. One setup is suitable for on-street performance that works well with both stock and lifted vehicles using our reputable Polyhead terminations. 

A second setup is tuned towards off-road performance featuring a Polyhead and a Heim joint terminations. These two setups are easily interchangeable and you can migrate from your current setup to the next when ready to change the usage of your vehicle. 

With a 6" adjustment range, this system will work with most lift setups in the market.

The On-the-Vehicle adjustment feature is used on the alignment rack to set the vehicle's thrust angle properly. 

JeePerf OTV Adj, Heim/Poly/Chromoly Track Bar Panhard System

  • JeePerf Heavy Duty, On-the-Vehicle Adjustable, Long Life, Tuneable Track Bar. Fits 05-10 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) & 06-10 Jeep Commander (XK) and more


    JeePerf OTV Adjustable Track Bar System

    This Track Bar system is the strongest, most flexible, upgradable and On-The-Vehicle adjustable system we can think of. We believe it is likely the very last track bar System you will ever need to buy for your Jeep that will work for both on-road usage and when you decide to convert it to an off-road rig.

    Give your Jeep the very best, REAL Heavy Duty Track Bar system and never have to replace your track bar again.


    This adjustable track bar is the perfect replacement when you simply want to get more performance and handling out of your Jeep. The JeePerf track bar will work in standard height vehicle and can extend to accommodate up to 6” lifts. The system also allows fine tuning the position of your rear axle while mounted on the vehicle.

    This JeePerf design is so ingeniously flexible and easily upgradeable according to your current and future usage of your Jeep. Our track bar can have two Polyheads, or a Polyhead and a Heim Joint terminations depending on your choice. Each option is tuned towards certain application and has its advantages.


    • If you use your Jeep as a daily driver with occasional off-roading, then our two Polyhead terminations will dramatically improve vehicle handling, cornering and responsiveness for on the road performance and give you reasonable offroad performance.

    • If you converted your Jeep to an offroad rig, a Heim joint termination on the axle side and a Polyhead termination on the body side, will provide a very good off-road performance.


    Features and Benefits:

    REAL Heavy Duty: This track bar is abuse ready. It is made 30 mm solid steel bar. 

    Lift Ready: Our track bar is OEM length in its shortest setting. It can extend up to 6" extra to work with most lifts and custom setups.

    On-The-Vehicle (OTV) Adjustment: Adjust length while mounted on the vehicle for a perfect rear axle position, handling and reduced wear.

    Ready for the Future: You can specify, when ordering, the type of terminations for your track bar based on how you currently drive your vehicle. The bar terminations are interchangeable. If your usage of the Jeep changes from mainly on-road to mainly off-road, or vice versa, you can change the terminations of the track bar only without needing to purchase a new track bar.

    Durable: We use specially treated, long life, soft, polyurethane compound and heavy duty XM rated Heim joints. Our track bar is tastefully powder coated for protection and durability with your choice of available color options. 

    Little to no Maintenance: Our specially treated, permanently greased Polyheads, sealed Heim joints and powder coat will require almost no maintenance during their service life. A zerk fitting is added on the stem of frame side Polyhead for occassional greasing for vehicles used in extremely harsh environments.

    Strong: Our Polyhead body is milled as one solid steel piece. The Heim joint is made of 4140 Chromoly steel alloy for maximum strength. For the bar itself, we use either a 4140 Chromoly steel DOM tube with 5mm wall thickness or a 30mm solid steel bar.

    Comfort and Performance: We chose a fully floating design for our bushings. We also specified a softer, specially treated, permanently lubricated, long life, compound to build our Polyhead bushings. The combination of our design technique and materials used will give you a comfortable, quiet ride for day to day use with good performance when needed.

    Personalizable: Select color of choice from our menu of colors when ordering.

    We spared no expense designing and building this system. We built it as we would have built it for ourselves and how we would like to use it in our own vehicles. We tried to think of everything you might want in a  track bar system, and we also tried to anticipate your future needs. We believe we came close to fulfilling both. Built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, please consider it when ready to replace or upgrade your track bar.

    Will replace the following products:

    Mopar 52089605AD

    Moog RK660154

    Crown 52089605AD

    Dorman 521-612

    Mevotech CMS251053

    • Solid 4140 chromoly alloy DOM tube

    • Minimal Welding

    • Solid steel, Hardened, Galvanized terminations

    • XM Rated, permanently lubricated, Chromoly, Sealed Heim Joints

    • Mount Hole Spacing Center-to-Center Range 102 - 117 cm

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