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Using OEM sway bar links is marginally acceptable at best when your vehicle is new. With age, their rubber bushings dry out, become brittle and the weak link in the suspension system. Our Heavy Duty Sway Bar links offer a really strong, durable sway bar linking system that will work with both stock suspension and 2" lifted suspension vehicles. Thanks to our "Flexterm" termination concept, our link system offers you the flexibility to order it based upon how you drive your vehicle. The JeePerf link system comes in three setups. One setup is for on-street spirited driving that works well with both stock and lifted vehicles. Another setup is tuned towards pure off-roading performance. The third setup is for a reasonable mixed performance between on-road and off-road. These setups are easily interchangeable and you can easily migrate from one setup to the next.

2" Adjustable, HD Chromoly, Sway Bar Links

  • This JeePerf Sway Bar Link System is the strongest, most elegant, most user friendly, upgradable and On-The-Vehicle (OTV) adjustable system we can think of. We believe it is likely the very last Sway Bar Link System you will ever need to buy for your vehicle. Give your Jeep the very best, REAL Heavy Duty Sway Bar End Link system and never have to replace a link again.  


    These adjustable HD sway bar end links are the perfect replacement for your worn out links or when you simply want to gain more performance and capabilities out of your vehicle. The JeePerf links will fit your standard height WK/XK as well as most popular 2-3" lift kits like BB, OME and others. These links will work for BOTH the front AND the rear sway bars.


    These links allow fine tuning the operating angle of your sway bar while mounted on the vehicle.  This JeePerf design is also so ingeniously flexible and easily upgradeable if/when you decide to change the use of your vehicle. 


    The JeePerf sway bar links can have your choice of terminations. We call this concept "Flexterm". They work with either JeePerf's "Polyheads" on both ends, Heim joints on both ends or one of each depending on your choice.  


    • Two "Polyhead" terminations will dramatically improve vehicle handling, cornering and responsiveness for on the road spirited performance.  
    • Two Heim joint terminations will give full articulation, as well as, total sway bar system disconnect when off roading.  
    • One Heim joint and one "Polyhead" terminations provide a balanced performance between on-road and off-road for most mixed uses.  


    Features and Benefits:  


    REAL Heavy Duty: These links are abuse ready. The arms are made of 4140 Chromoly steel alloy with threaded ends to accept either JeePerf "Polyheads" or Heim joints. "Polyheads" are milled as one solid piece from 4140 Chromoly steel alloy for strength and utilize Polyurethane bushings with Zerk fittings for long life. Arms and Heim joints are also made of very strong, 4140 Chromoly steel alloy for maximum strength.  


    Lift Ready: Our links have OEM length in their shortest settings, and can extend 50mm (2”) longer to work with most lifts. Longer arms are available for more than 2" lifts.  


    User Friendly: Fine tune length WHILE mounted on the vehicle. Correct your sway bar geometry on lifted vehicles and accurately set your sway bar operating angle.  


    Off road Ready: Easy to disconnect for offroading. Gives full suspension travel during off roading. Easy to reconnect back for on the road safety and handling.  


    Split Personality: You can specify, when ordering, how you want your links based on how you currently drive your Jeep. You can also change the character of your vehicle later as your interests change. Our links can adapt from spirited on-road performance to full articulation off-road performance thanks to their "Flexterm" terminations.  They can be ordered in either Two "Polyhead" terminations, one "Polyhead" and one Heim joint terminations or two Heim joint terminations. Use our "Polyheads" for your on street, spirited performance demands. Easily adapt your vehicle to off road performance by upgrading to one or two Heim joint terminations in the future.  


    Long Life: We use specially treated, long life, SOFT, polyurethane compound and heavy duty XM rated Heim joints. Our links are tastefully powder coated for protection and durability with your choice of available color options. You really get your money's worth with this system.  


    Install-and-Forget: Specially treated, permanently lubricated AND Zerk fitted "Polyheads", sealed, permanently lubricated Heim joints, and powder coating are utilized. These links will require almost no maintenance during their service life.  


    Best of both worlds: Quick disconnect when off road then easily reconnect for on street performance when back on the road.  


    Daily Drive Comfort: We use a fully floating bushing design and softer, specially treated, permanently lubricated, Polyurethane compound to build our bushings in order to maintain a controlled, yet comfortable ride for day-to-day driving.  


    Personalizable: Select color of choice (Orange, Black or Clear) and length of links when ordering. 


    JeePerf spared no expense designing and building this system. Built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, we believe you will be happy using it when ready to upgrade your sway bar links.  


    Compatible with:  


    Mopar 52089467AA, 52089467AB, 52089467AC, 52089486AC

    Moog K80861, K80468

    • 4140 chromoly alloy 

    • Absolutely no welding

    • XM Rated, permanently lubricated, chromoly, sealed Heim Joints

    • Mount Hole Spacing Center-to-Center Range 230-290mm

    • Mount hole 12mm

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