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Brand New, Re-engineered better than Original, Guaranteex, Flexible Shock Bushing 

LONG-TERM PERFORMANCE   At JeePerf, we hand build each bushing to exceed OE specifications by a great margin. Using modern materials and innovative design techniques, we build our bushings for longevity, comfort, low to no maintenance requirements, precise steering and perfect fit. Our bushings will have a very long service life.   

Why use JeePerf bushings?   

We build our bushings to achieve special design targets. They need to have a precise fit, very long, reliable service life, steady, non-degradable performance throughout their service life, and to have better value than OEM offerings. For suspension installations, they also need to provide an unimpeded, smooth, non-binding, fluid motion that is also comfortable to live with on a daily basis.  In order to achieve that we decided to:   

- Use specially treated, permanently lubricated Polyurethane to dampen road noise and provide a quiet, comfortable yet very well controlled ride. Our soft polyurethane compound is proprietarily treated to provide ride qualities similar to NEW rubber in comfort, yet have the famous long service life of polyurethane.  

- Use a fully floating bushing design so it will maintain a fluid, resistance free, full range of motion.  

- Use chromoly alloy for crush pins and spacers to provide extremely solid engagement to the vehicle yet hard enough not to fuse itself to the mounting bolt that made replacing the bushing in the past a tough and expensive exercise. 

Our HYBRID SPHERICAL Bushing Design Concept 

Why did we decide to use Spherical Bearings for this bushing Design? 

This particular bushing is used to secure the shock absorber to its mounts . It should provide the shock absorber the ability to be solidly mounted, yet move freely during its stroke range, while absorbing road noise and vibrations, at the same time, before they get to the cabin of the vehicle. The OEM bushing is designed with flexing for pure performance but little consideration to comfort. 

We decided to re-engineer this bushing design to provide the ultimate in flexing, while maintain full control over driver comfort. 

Spherical bearings do a great job controlling the motion of a vehicle but introduce a lot of added noise, vibration and harshness. They are used in racing vehicles suspension to provide the ultimate in handling and control of the vehicle but can be endured for a short period of time like during a race or a track day. As they stand, they are not very helpful for the enthusiastic weekend or daily driver's comfort. 

Spherical Bearings Advantages: 

Spherical Bearings are multi-rotational providing smooth, fluid and unconstrained range of motion. 

Spherical Bearings have very high load capacity. 

Spherical Bearings have negligible vertical deflection under load. 

We asked ourselves a question. Can we get the Spherical Bearings benefits in a bushing design while minimizing their shortcomings at the same time? 

We believe we succeeded in striking that balance between control and comfort in this bushing design by using a novel design technique. 

We use a spherical bearing along with its misalignment spacers as a crush pin in a bushing. Think of it as a pivoting crush pin, and this is what gives the better ability to flex. 

We then enclose that whole assembly in a specially designed elastomer cushion, then press that whole assembly in the metal sleeve. We have control over the durometer of the elastomer so we can offer a range of bushings from solid spherical to soft spherical varieties. 

With this design we are able to achieve more flexing than OEM, and maintain low NVH at the same time. 

We think using our bushings will upgrade your OEM suspension and give you the best road handling manners possible, while improving driver comfort at the same time. 

We believe our bushings are the ultimate upgrade to the OEM bushings and we invite you to consider them as a long life, high end upgrade to your OEM ones.  

We believe we achieved our design goals with these bushings and believe you will be impressed with the results. 

We spared no expense designing and building these bushings which are hand built using the very best materials available.  

Built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, we invite you to consider them when you want to Replace, IMPROVE and UPGRADE your suspension. 


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