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Spherical Bearing based, "SuperFlex" Inner Tie Rods for IFS 4x4 Vehicles including Jeep, Dodge RAM, GMC,, Hummer, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Porsche, ...etc

Achieve perfect wheel alignment, effortless steering, prolong the life of your front tires and reduce steering rack stress due to sharper lift angles with this JeePerf SuperFlex Inner Tie rods designed to provide more strength and articulation than OEM ones.

If you ever took your vehicle to an off-road adventure and bent your tie rods, you will appreciate these strong "SuperFlex" JeePerf tie rods.

Why use JeePerf's SuperFlex Inner Tie Rods??

STRONG: We use Chromoly 4140 steel alloy for our inner tie rods to make them stronger to resist bending than OEM. We also made them thicker for even more strength.

ARTICULATION: Spherical bearings articulate and rotate more freely in all directions than ball or Heim joints. In steering systems, that translates to smooth, effortless and accurate steering with comfortable steering feedback and better vehicle handling on any surface. Our SuperFlex inner tie rods can articulate more than 40 degrees off horizontal in any direction giving them more than 80 degrees range of articulation. Maximum articulation angle with OEM inner tie rods is around 28 degrees off horizontal.

EASE OF INSTALLATION: Use your existing OEM tie rod ends. Our inner tie rods precisely replace OEM ones, providing easy installation. Minor rubber boot trimming is needed, if there, due to the larger size of our tie rods. A front end alignment is required once you replace your inner tie rods.

MINIMAL MAINTENANCE: We carefully specified the Spherical bearings we use to be sealed, self lubricating and require minimal maintenance.

LIFT READY: Our inner tie rods can articulate more and have further droop distance than OEM, making them practical for OEM height and ready for any future lift plans.

ECONOMIC: You don't have to ever replace your inner tie rods again. With age, the Spherical bearings will ultimately need replacement, and since we use standard size Spherical bearings, they can easily be upgraded when needed.

MODULAR DESIGN: The design is modular and can be used across many makes and models. Using the same bearing and cup, the length of the tie rod and the threads connecting it to the rack and the Tie Rod End can be specified and latet replaced.

We consider our inner tie rods to be the BEST aftermarket inner tie rods for the Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK), Jeep Commander (XK), Hummer H2, H3, Dodge RAM, GMC Sierra, Silverado, Ford F150 and other IFS platforms.

Built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, we invite you to give them a try and enjoy their benefits. This is for BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT inner tie rods.

This kit is strongly recommended for off-road use only.

Direct replacement for the following part numbers: Mopar 68066486AA Moog EV80782 .......etc AND can easily be customized to fit your vehicle.

Rebuildable Chromoly "SuperFlex" Inner Tie Rods

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