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Spherical Bearing, "SuperFlex" Low Profile Tie Rod Ends for 05-10 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) and 06-10 Jeep Commander (XK), Dodge RAM, GM Sierra, Hummer H2, H3, Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, FJ, Landcruiser, and many more IFS vehicles....etc.

Achieve perfect wheel alignment, effortless steering, prolong the life of your front tires and reduce steering rack stress due to sharper lift angles with this JeePerf steering kit. Correct your steering angles with these spherical tie rod-ends for a hassle-free installation that requires no drilling of the spindle for fit.

Altering your vehicle's ride height can result in unwanted toe angle change during suspension travel. This is known as bump steer. Bump steer kits allow the user to alter the tie rod angle and length with respect to the spindle to correct for such effects. Our steering kit is built using the extreme duty, Teflon® lined, sealed and self lubricated, spherical bearings housed in our own designed Chromoly tie rod end housing and 4140 Chromoly spindle pin adapters.

Our spindle attachement studs are CNC machined from 4140 Chromoly and are machined to be a direct bolt on to the Jeep spindle taper for a perfect fit. They feature properly shaped pin for adequate articulation and lock nut for safe installation of the spherical rod end.

JeePerf’s TREs feature and benefit, making it unique, appealing, practical and a wise choice.

Why use JeePerf's "SuperFlex" TREs??

ARTICULATION: Spherical bearings articulate and rotate more freely in all directions than either ball or Heim joints. When used in steering systems, that translates to smooth, effortless and accurate steering with comfortable steering feedback and better vehicle handling on any surface. Our SuperFlex tie rod ends can articulate more than 40 degrees off vertical in any direction giving them more than 80 degrees range of articulation. Maximum articulation angle with OEM tie rod ends is less than 28 degrees off vertical.

EASE OF INSTALLATION: Use your existing OEM inner tie rods. Our outer tie rod ends precisely replace OEM ones, providing easy installation. A front end alignment is required once you replace your tie rod ends.

MINIMAL MAINTENANCE: We carefully specified the Spherical bearings we use to be sealed, self lubricating and require minimal maintenance.

LIFT READY: Our outer tie rod ends have such a wide articulation range making them suitable for OEM height and future ready for any lift plans.

ECONOMIC: Once you lift your Jeep, these tie rod ends will save you future repair costs of the steering system and premature tire wear. A lift introduces sharper steering angles and new stresses on the steering system which will accelerate wear and reduce the steering system’s service life. Our outer tie rod ends have such a wide range of articulation that will expand the steering system’s angles of operation, restoring back its normal service life.

STRONG: We use Chromoly steel alloy for our spindle attachement pins and super strong Industrial Spherical bearings for strength and long service life.

We consider our steering correction kit to be the BEST aftermarket rod ends for the lifted Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK), Jeep Commander (XK), Jeep Liberty, Jeep Cherokee, Hummer H2, H3, Dodge RAM, Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, FJ & Land Cruisers, ... and other IFS platforms.

This kit is strongly recommended for off-road use only.

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