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Industrial Strength Spherical Bearing Based, High Articulation, Rebuildable, Heavy Duty, Long life Upgrade to 6292 Ball Joints. Various heights available. Condition is "New".

HD Upper Spherical Bearing UPGRADE to Moog K6292, Cognito 6292, Kryptonite 6292 and JBA6292 Ball Joints.

CONVERT your K6292 balljoints based Control Arms to a Bolt-on UNIBALL performance.

This JPRF6292 Spherical Bearing based joint Upgrade will fit Kryptonite upper control arms for any year or model GM trucks, also Cognito, FTS, CST, Fabtech, JBA, RRO and many other upper control arms with a bolt in upper ball joint.

The JPRF6292 is designed to mount UNDER the Control Arm due to the massive bearing used.

The JPRF6292 Upgrade is Rebuildable and its components and workmanship are Warranted for life, except for the spherical bearings that are considered a wear item. The bearings are replaceable and are commercially available

We use HCOM16T industrial strength Spherical Bearings. These are internally sealed and PTFE self lubricated, so no regular maintenance is required. They are rated to handle more than 70,000 lbs of static load and are built for long life and heavy duty industrial applications.

The JPRF6292 will have a very  high articulation angle, and its height (If you have that option) can be adjusted to take full advantage of its wide range of articulation angle.

A typical K6292 ball joint is a popular Bolt on Style Ball Joint for many aftermarket IFS UCA applications Including Off-Road Jeeps and Toyotas.  Our Spherical Bearing UPGRADE to such Ball Joints are compatible anywhere a typical K6292 is required.

The JPRF6292 Spherical Bearing joints are designed specifically for heavy-duty and lifted use, they will handle the toughest abuse that you can throw at them while delivering excellent, effortless performance.

These Joints have a durable Black Powder Coat Finish to resist corrosion and maintain performance integrity.



We will send you longer attachement stud specific height


We recommend to use only small safety washer for 0 height and as we send you the joint setup already like that. For height tuning, start with only a 5mm washer and measure hub-to-fender to make sure you get SAME or MORE droop ONLY. Less droop is unacceptable and you should LOWER the joint height back. If you adjust the height, go with 5mm increments and immediately perform an alignment. If you don't set these up correctly, you may end up breaking the attachement stud.

They will work for many applications including but not limited to:

2001-2020 Chevrolet and GMC 1500HD/2500/2500HD/3500/3500HD 2WD/4WD trucks, 2001-2013 Chevy and GMC 2500 2WD/4WD SUVs, 2003-2009 GM Hummer H2, H2 SUTs and 2014-2018 GM 1500 2WD/4WD trucks and SUVs with OE aluminum and stamped steel control arms. Will also work on aftermarket control arms like Cognito, JBA, RRO, Fabtech, Kryptonite, FTS, CST, ..etc. and many other that can accept a K6292 balljoint


Setting the height of those joints up is crucial. Please take all measurements and angles on your original ball joints and on your UCA before you take them off.

Once our joints are mounted please set their height up just like the ones they replaced, then go up in height in small increments if needed. We have seen situations where the bolt snapped because the height was not set properly and no wheel alignment was made after the new setup. With every new change in height, or indeed with any IFS change, please get an alignment immediately.

Recommended for OFFROAD driving.

Guaranteed Fitments:

2001,2004,GMC,Sierra 2500,SLT

2001,2002,GMC,Sierra 2500,SL

2001,2006,GMC,Sierra 3500,SLT

2001,2006,Chevrolet,Silverado 3500,LT

2001,2003,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500 HD,LT

2001,2004,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500,LT

2001,2020,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LT

2001,2002,GMC,Sierra 3500,SL

2001,2002,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SL

2001,2006,Chevrolet,Silverado 3500,LS

2001,2003,GMC,Sierra 1500 HD,SLE

2001,2006,GMC,Sierra 3500,SLE

2001,2004,GMC,Sierra 2500,SLE

2001,2020,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLE

2001,2003,GMC,Sierra 1500 HD,SLT

2001,2020,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SLT

2001,2006,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LS

2001,2004,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500,LS

2001,2004,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500

2001,2005,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD

2001,2005,Chevrolet,Silverado 3500

2001,2003,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500 HD,LS

2002,2005,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD

2002,2004,GMC,Sierra 2500

2002,2005,GMC,Sierra 3500

2003,2004,GMC,Sierra 2500,WT

2003,2020,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,WT

2003,2014,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,WT


2004,2004,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500,WT

2004,2004,Chevrolet,Silverado 3500,WT

2004,2006,GMC,Sierra 3500,WT

2005,2005,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500 HD,LS

2005,2006,GMC,Sierra 1500 HD,SLE

2005,2005,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500 HD

2005,2006,Chevrolet,Silverado 1500 HD,LT

2005,2006,GMC,Sierra 1500 HD,SLT

2006,2006,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,SL

2006,2006,GMC,Sierra 3500,SL

2006,2006,Chevrolet,Silverado 3500,WT

2007,2020,Chevrolet,Silverado 3500 HD,WT

2007,2020,GMC,Sierra 3500 HD,SLT

2007,2014,GMC,Sierra 3500 HD,WT

2007,2020,Chevrolet,Silverado 3500 HD,LTZ

2007,2020,GMC,Sierra 3500 HD,SLE

2007,2020,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,LTZ

2007,2020,Chevrolet,Silverado 3500 HD,LT

2011,2020,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,Denali

2011,2020,GMC,Sierra 3500 HD,Denali

2015,2020,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,High Country

2015,2020,Chevrolet,Silverado 3500 HD,High Country

2015,2020,GMC,Sierra 3500 HD

2015,2020,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD

2020,2020,GMC,Sierra 2500 HD,AT4

2020,2020,Chevrolet,Silverado 2500 HD,Custom

2020,2020,GMC,Sierra 3500 HD,AT4

RRO Upper Control Arms for many applications

JBA Upper Control Arms for many applications

High Articulation HD Uniball Upgrade to K6292 UCA Balljoints JBA/RRO/Kryptonite

SKU : JPRF6292 Pair
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