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The JeePerf SuperFlex Caster, Camber AND Uniball ADJUSTABLE Front Upper Control Arm for Jeep Grand Cherokees (WK) and Commanders (XK)

Improve your vehicles on and off road handling, traction, droop travel and tire wear with JeePerf’s adjustable front upper control arms.

Featuring a heavy duty Spherical Bearing and Hybrid Spherical joints, this arm is designed with maximum versatility as a goal to correct alignment angles AND enhance ride quality and safety.

Front end Caster and Camber angles in the Jeep WK/XK are adjustable within a narrow range using the front LCA. When you lift your truck over 3” you start reaching the LCA adjustment limits, putting your caster and camber angles out of spec.

JeePerf's SuperFlex UCA are solidly built using the very best materials and most innovative design. Safety, functionality and versatility were paramount requirements when we were designing and building these arms.

OJeePerf's SuperFlex UCA has improved clearance to get around the spring bucket. With 120° of articulation of the spindle attachment pin, adjustable bearing cup and free pivoting Hybrid Spherical joints, our UCA gives you maximum droop travel for practically ANY lift using OEM spindles.

Our SuperFlex UCA, using its Spherical bearing design and its adjustable angle bearing cup can be setup so you never reach the Spherical bearings/spindle attachment pin limits, limits plaguing other UCA designs, thus tremendously improving your safety. Those UCSs have a large range to adjust your caster and camber angles regardless of the lift you have. It is upgradeable and compatible with your current AND future lifts without having to ever replace your UCA again.

The JeePerf's SuperFlex UCA uses heat treated, very strong Chromoly alloy for its spindle attachment pin.

It uses SOLID CORE bent steel rods and strong adjustment bolts. We use heavy duty, industrial strength Hybrid Spherical joints and steel spacers for attachment to the unibody mounts. The spherical bearings we use are large, heavy duty, industrial quality bearings that can comfortably handle some serious abuse.

With such an advanced, adjustable, versatile, upgradeable and flexible design, the UCA has surprisingly a bolt on arrangement. We will setup the arms for your lift before shipping them, so all you need to do is mount them proudly in place of your old UCA.

What you will notice as first impressions upon driving with the JeePerf SuperFlex UCA:

 Tightened up yet easier and more confident steering. Your Jeep will feel as if you are driving a sports car.

 Superior vehicle tracking and handling

 Quiet, smooth, controlled bump taking feeling that feels more like gliding over bumps. The faster your speed in hitting the bump, the smoother it feels.

 Lane changes at speed will be quicker and more precise with superior straight line tracking

 You will get the impression that the front end sits a bit higher

The JeePerf SuperFlex UCAs come in durable, powder coated Red finish or the Optional elegant Chromed finish with the JeePerf golden logo on it, setup and ready for installation.

Front end alignment after installation is required.

Jeep WK/XK Caster/Camber Uniball Adjustable Rebuildable UCA

Color: Red
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