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The JeePerf Heavy Duty, Universal Sway Bar Mounting System is strong, adjustable, sturdy, has long life and maintains a quality, yet more controlled, ride of your vehicle. Will fit 05-16 Jeep Grand Cherokee/Commander and more vehicles. Article

Universal HD Sway Bar Mounting System with two Polyurethane Bushings

  • JeePerf Universal Heavy Duty Sway bar Mounting System


    This is the strongest and likely the very last sway bar mounting system you will ever need for your vehicle. We spared no cost designing and building this innovative, heavy duty, high quality mounting system and believe this is the sway bar mounting system that engineers would build had corporate budgets were no constraint.


    Geared towards performance, heavy trucks and 4x4 vehicles, this system will work with sway bars as thick as 38mm or 1.5”.


    Most vehicles come from the factory with suspension systems that were designed under strict budgets to provide minimal, barely acceptable handling and cornering criteria. With age, many of these components will need replacement and at that time many owners choose to improve their vehicles handling manners by replacing factory OEM components with better, higher quality aftermarket components.


    One of the handling characterictics that leave a lot to be desired in OEM suspension systems design is vehicle sway from side to side which is typically addressed by a sway bar system. The sway bar is mounted between the vehicle's wheels and chassis in order to manage side-to-side motion during cornering. If your vehicle is lifted or your driving style is more spirited, you can imagine now how poorly your vehicle will handle.


    The automotive aftermarket addressed this issue by having suppliers provide reengineered sway bars that are more stout, in replacement of OEM, to better control the side-to-side motion of the vehicle.


    These aftermarket sway bars are thicker, heavier, stronger and have better build quality than OEM. They are designed to better control the side-to-side motions of your vehicle during cornering and are designed to handle more torsional stresses. Any system, however is as good as it's weak link. Mounting stout sway bars using OEM mounts that were not designed for them is a compromise at best. Aftermarket sway bars need a matching stout mounting system to realize their full benefits.


    We designed and built our sway bar mounting system to confidently complement aftermarket sway bars. Tipping the scale at more than 10lbs, our brackets are wider, thicker, stronger, use better materials, durable, powder coated and work in harmony with your sway bar.


    Our bushings were designed to complement our heavy duty brackets. We specified, designed and built the system’s bushings using specially treated, softer polyurethane compound that will not squeak and will keep your ride comfortable, yet more controlled. We chose a fully floating bushing/bearing design, in order to provide better performance, longer service life, better stability, upgradability and to protect your sway bar. We decided to use zerk fittings to add more service life to the already long service life of this bushing material so you get maximum service life out of our system.


    JeePerf sway bar mounts can fit many vehicles and offer a lot of flexibility during mounting. You can fine tune the mounting position of your sway bar by sliding our mounts using their elongated mounting holes to reach that perfect mounting position. 


    Our design is flexible and upgradeable. You can use our mounts with your existing sway bar and later when you upgrade to an aftermarket one. Flexibility is designed in. We can handle most sway bar diameters by simply changing the bushing dimensions.


    Mounting Notes:


    - These mounts allow you to fine tune your swaybar position. They, depending on your swaybar diameter, may push your swaybar few millimeters towards the front of your vehicle. You will need to add one or more washers when connecting your swaybar links to your LCA to make up for this offset. If the links are not installed with the offset washers, they will not attach to your LCA at a right angle, and this will damage the soft bushings of your swaybar links. 




    • Mount holes accomodate up to 14mm (9/16”) mount bolts

    • Distance between mount holes range from 87mm-115mm (3.4”-4.5”) center-to-center.

    • Designed to work with sway bar diameters up to 38mm (1.5”)



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