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As an American working in Egypt and as an engineer by education and training, I found myself very unhappy with the longevity of the parts on my Jeep. That becomes even more apparent after you start driving your Jeep in a punishing environment or modifying it for more lift or power. I decided to re-engineer some parts for more longevity which also means less future replacement labor cost, and JeePerf was born.


All products have been installed and tested on our vehicles. We only offer these products to the market after they bring a smile to our faces. We keep modifying, improving and diversifying our product offerings as better materials, new needs or more brilliant ideas become available.


Enjoy our products to the max and we welcome your feedback as it helps us continuously improve and develop.


We strongly believe in customer service and will always apply the golden rule. Please feel free to communicate with us, and if we don't have what you are looking for, just simply ask us for it. If it makes sense for us, we might just do it and win yet another happy customer.


Thank you for your trust, for being a loyal customer and thank you for your business.

Jeep's Most Innovative Products
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