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"Its been 12 months now since I fitted the Jeeperf diff bush's (all 3) and I can honestly say this is one part of the Jeep I no longer have to worry about. Just as sturdy & strong as the day I fitted them. About 30,000km on them including trips to the Northern Territory, Vic High Country, Bendethera Valley & the Brindabella's in the ACT." on

"I've been running the Jeeperf bushings in mine for a little while now and still very happy with them. If you need new front diff bushings these are the only way to go! Otherwise you'll be right back under there swapping in new ones again and again. Here's a link to my write up if you are interested...   on   


"Like I said, we have 2 WKs, both lifted. Last year we had to replace her bushings to the tune of $180 US, then last month I tore mine up offroading. During my replacement she found she had a rubbing noise that we diagnosed as the bushings again.


I knew someone had to make an upgrade to these pathetic OEM bushings since everyone seems to have this issue eventually and searched for a poly version. I came across your ebay, and JeePerf, and was skeptical since they were only coming out of Egypt (no offence). Then I came across your post on JeepGarage. That post, and the fact you were an active member made me 100% more confident and I made the purchase for her WK."   email from NP


"I'm happy with the diff bushing set. There is a slight increase in NVH and I expected this. These are built to last."   on

"Hi Wally,

I decided to replace the solid (HHP) bushings in the front diff due to excessive noise. Could you send me a quote/invoice for the upper and passenger bushings (I assume they are the same).

 Thanks,"  JC via Email


Installation and first impressions: on


"Now that I have been driving around with them for a while I can say they do increase road noise a little, but not too much. Just knowing I will never have to replace them again definitely makes the slight increase worth it though! The added noise sounds more like a bearing going out than anything else. So maybe I'm only hearing something starting to fail. I guess we'll see soon enough." on on


"That's great, mine are performing well. I feel there is a little more feedback with the road then with the stock ones (which is good). I would expect a Grand fitted with your bush's would get longer life out of the prop shaft CV as the angels will stay correct for a long time" on


"Good stuff thanks.
I agree, it's a brilliant design!" on


"Get the full set from Jeeperf. He makes all poly bushings. I used two of his and the solid HHP bushing for the pinion mount. I knew I was going to get some extra NVH, but was really surprised at how much it ended up being. You could always just replace the pinion with the poly, and the other two with the Mopar/Crown rubber bushings." on

"I changed out the top pinion with the HHP and the top-side and the bottom with the Jeeperf poly bushings. I was surprised with the extra noise and vibration I got. If I were to do it again, I'd probably go with just the Jeeperf polys and not the solid. I would recommend to anyone that thinks that any extra noise is going to be bothersome to go with stock rubber or the poly." on

"Hi Wally,

Yes thanks, I have received the tie rods and thank you very much, they were packed very well and look great, I'm looking forward to installing them along with your bushes.

Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier I've had trouble with my internet. I will let you know how they go. Thanks again for your excellent service and product, I will be recommending you highly.


Greg" Greg via Email

"Are these sold as a pair? 
Thanks, love your products!" Jesse via Email

"Hi, Wally..  You asked me for your feedback after I received my WK differential bushings, and I had forgot to do so.

They took awhile to arrive, 5 weeks, no surprises coming from the other side of the planet and Canada's inefficient customs..

Albiet being a arduous task to install, they are well-built and tighten up the front differential very nicely.  They look like they will last and were less expensive than the OEM parts from the dealers.  Nice product, Wally.


Thanks.."  JW via Email

"Thank you. The item arrived. Excellent build quality. Still have to fit them on my vehicle.
I gave you a 100% positive feedeback." from eBay

“Just ordered my Jeeperf set of diff bushes then. Should have done this weeks ago and my driveshaft CV might not have blown!! ;)” on

"So I ended up putting in the orange Jeeperf mounts. I got all 3 of them, $250 on eBay. They were a bit of a hassle getting them put in. Used a ball-joint tool to do it but was not the best, not sure what would have been better other than the Jeep special tool $$$. Anyway, my old pinion mount was the worst condition, as suspected, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Definitely eliminated some clunking from the front. I do hear some drive-line noise now at highway speed, but not too bad. Once I get my new Cooper tires, the tire noise will drown it out…" on


“Got the tie rod ends and they look great. Thank you wally for a great service and thank you on the postage. I'm sure I will be ordering from you again. I have left feedback.

as received on

"Yep. That's it. Or you can check out Jeeperf's site and get some SERIOUS polyurethane ones. Maybe we can talk him into a group buy....hmmmmmmm......" From "RicktheMick" on

"Jeeperf thanks for making well thought up quality products! Its honestly been a pleasure dealing with you." Laadan Mitchell

"I have had their diff bushings, and UCA bushings in for a few years of beating hard on the jeep, many other components have failed in that time but the Jeeperf parts have been awesome through it all, hope this helps!" Kenneth Brooks

"Run the poly diff bushings on both our wks for 4 + years now without issue or replacement. Worth it." Megan Elmer Patel

"I got JeePerf bushings and these are 4yrs old. And still look like new" Mathew Baker owner of Groot

"My steering is some much more responsive. They took out all the play out the steering. That always seemed to an issue with my 35 inch tires. They also aligned the steering since they sit up higher. My truck feels like a sports car now!" Brian Melton

"Good to see JeePerf parts on there. His shit looks solid. Wish he was in the US." Ryan Didier

"Hi guys just wanted to share my thoughts on JeePerf rear adjustable uca and lca i have installed yesterday. First thing i noticed was the ride, feels very smooth over the bumps as before it was quite ruff or harsh in comparison. Loving the travel in the suspension! I opted for the skid tank clearance as well, was able to move the axle back about a inch via the lca and adjust the uca forward  while installed so the spring mount lines up better it and diff sits more flush, I did reset the jba track bar.( note the track bar has to be disconnected to tighten the locking nuts and re-grease which is annoying) now my rear wheel is sitting a lot happier! My lift consists of 5100 bilstein 4 inch, JBA 4 inch springs, JBA track bar, JBA 4 inch lifted rear sb links and now JeePerf uca lca.  Overall im very happy with the purchase they seem to be very well thought up... all grease nipples are easy to access as well. would recommend if you want the best." Laadan Mitchell on his Facebook Page


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