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When the stock rubber bushings get old they harden, become brittle and start to break down, allowing the front differential to move excessively. This caused the front half axles and propeller shaft to be at extreme angles while trying to transfer power to the wheels, causing excessive wear and premature failure of these components. This sometimes is also the cause of a knock sounding jolt when shifting from P-D, P-R or vice versa.

We redesigned these bushings to reduce most excessive movements of the differential helping deliver full, smooth power to the front wheels of your Hummer.

While this innovative design reduces differential movements for excellent power transfer from the drive train to the ground, they do not contribute excessive NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) to the driver inside the cabin due to the softer properties of the polyurethane compound used and their unique design concept

Made of high quality polyurethane material with steel locking pin, these polyurethane bushings will not only firm up the front axle assembly and eliminate that mushy feel associated with the factory rubber bushing, but will also have a very long service life compared to its OEM rubber counterpart, reducing future labor costs and vehicle down time.

Those are honest-to-goodness, serious, heavy duty, Long-Life bushings and not like typical two halves bushings found elsewhere. This design once assembled, seals itself shut trapping all grease inside it for the longest service life possible. A lot of grease is encouraged to use while assembling the bushing halves together. Once installed, no further servicing is required.

You don't have to replace a whole part just because of worn out bushings. Just simply press your worn bushings out and press the new ones in.

A high performance, long life upgrade to OEM parts number 440-01399B

This Bushing Set will also fit:

Isuzu I-350 Pickup 2006-2006 Front Axle

Isuzu I-370 Pickup 2007-2008 Front Axle; (3.73 ratio, opt GT4)

Chevrolet Colorado 2004-2012 Front Axle; 3.73 ratio (opt GT4)

GMC Canyon 2004-2012 Front Axle; 3.73 ratio (opt GT4)

2006-12 Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon Front Differential Bushings Set

SKU: ColoradoFDBSet
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