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JeePerf CONTROL ARM Bushings Re-engineered for Control, Comfort And Responsive Steering 

If your vehicle is suffering from early tire wear, poor handling, or loud noises under the chassis, you could be dealing with worn out control arm bushings. 

Designed to attach the steering knuckle and wheel assembly to the vehicle, your control arms are a crucial part of your steering system. The bushings also absorb impacts from the road, smoothing and quieting out your ride. 

The material used to absorb impact and vibrations in OEM bushings is rubber which served the automotive industry for well over 80 years. With age, however, rubber loses its natural oils due to the elements, causing it to harden up, dry rot, crack and sag under the weight of the vehicle. It will lose its ability to absorb impacts and vibrations, and it will sag throwing off your suspension geometry and wheel alignment. When this happens, you start hearing more of the road noises, feeling more of its impacts, losing your ability to steer the vehicle as was intended and wear out your front tires. 


At JeePerf, we build each bushing to far exceed OE specifications by a wide margin. Using space age materials, we build our bushings for longevity, comfort, low-to-no maintenance requirements, precise steering and perfect fit. While the OE bushings might sag or rot away, our control arm bushings will have a very long service life. 

Why use jeeperf bushings? 

We build our bushings to achieve special design targets. They need to have a precise fit, very long, reliable service life and a steady, non-degradable performance throughout their service life, and to have better value than OEM offerings. 

In order to achieve that we decided to: 

- Use soft, specially treated, permanently lubricated, Polyurethane to provide a quiet, comfortable yet very well controlled ride. Our polyurethane compound is proprietarily treated to provide most qualities of rubber, yet have the famous long service life of polyurethane. 

- Use a fully floating bushing design so it will maintain a fluid, resistance free, full range of motion. Think of our bushings as vibration dampening bearings. 

- Use chromoly pins to provide extremely solid engagement and reinforcement to the control arm and a solid mount to the vehicle. 

- Use a solid lubricant to maintain a smooth, fluid bearing like motion of the bushing without the need for regular lubrication. 

We believe we achieved our design goals with this design and believe you will be impressed with the results. We spared no expense designing and building these bushings which are hand built using the very best materials available. 

Built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, we invite you to consider them when ready to UPGRADE your UCA. 

These bushings are made to fit OEM (Mopar, MOOG,..) upper control arms as well as aftermarket arms that use OEM bushings like JBA. 

Equivalent to Moog K200113, ACDelco 45G8110 Professional and others




Article Comparing Bushing Materials

05-10 Jeep WK/XK Polyurethane Front UCA (JBA, RRO & OEM) Bushings (4)


  • Control arm bushings are an important part of your Jeep suspension systems. OEM bushings are made of rubber which separates the faces of two objects while allowing a certain amount of movement. As your Jeep moves over rough or bumpy surfaces, this movement allows the suspension parts to move easily. The rubber which is flexible in nature helps to minimize transmission of noise and small vibrations through to the chassis of the vehicle. Front upper control arm bushings are mounted at each end of the control arm to secure the connection to the chassis. 

    OEM bushings are made through hot-bonded construction process where elastic material, in this case rubber, is either melted or injected to the inner and outer metal sleeves. Rubber will bond to metal, but as rubber wears out over time as a result of heat, natural elements and frequent movement, it becomes brittle, cracks and disintegrates. This changes the geometry of the front suspension causing more noise to be transmitted to the cabin, poor vehicle alignment, poor traction, excessive tire wear, unsafe high speed handling, cornering, and braking. 

    Benefits of Using our Bushings

    Our high quality engineered bushing design is very unique.  They are unique in both our selection of materials as well as design. These bushings are engineered for comfort, performance and longevity.

    Our design is a floating design as our bushing material does not bond to metal. It remains suspended on the mount surface which allows for smooth operation, greater range of motion and a long service life. Zerk fittings can be fitted as an option to give you even longer service life when you want to use your Jeep in punishing, heavy duty off-roading environments.

    Our bushings maintain proper front end alignment while driving. This is achieved even when off road and under extreme weather conditions. As a result, there is an overall improvement in handling, cornering and control on road and flexibility and comfort off road. Installing our high quality bushings will lighten up your Jeep's handling which hastens navigation. They will make it easier to maneuver your Jeep on uneven road surfaces or when driving in extreme weather conditions.

    Another benefit of using these bushings is that they are useful in controlling wheel hop which also improves cornering control. They help in maintaining proper front end alignment which allows good steering response and greater control of the vehicle.

    These bushings, while delivering their benefits, they amazingly add negligible amounts of Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) to the vehicle’s interior making them very suitable for daily driving.

    It is important to install high quality bushings for durability, reliability and to make driving your Jeep more enjoyable and safe. Our bushings are OEM replacements that can be installed in lowered or raised applications where suspension geometry has been altered. 

    They are made to fit OEM upper control arms as well as aftermarket ones that use OEM equivalents like JBA and others.

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