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12-2020 Tesla Model S All FOUR (4) Left AND Right Front Control Arms.

JeePerf Front Suspension Lower Control Arms Bushings Re-engineered for Control, Comfort, Long Tire Life, Precise Acceleration And Responsive handling

If your Tesla is suffering from early tire wear, handling problems, or loud noises under the chassis, you could be dealing with worn out suspension links bushings.  Designed to attach the  wheel assembly to the vehicle, your links are a crucial part of your suspension system.

One of the bushings' function is to absorb impacts from the road, smoothing and quieting out your ride.  The material used to absorb impact and vibrations in OEM bushings is rubber which had served the automotive industry for well over 80 years. With age, however, rubber loses its natural oils due to the elements, causing it to harden up, dry rot, crack and sag under the weight of the vehicle. It will lose its ability to absorb impacts and vibrations, and it will sag throwing off your suspension geometry and wheel alignment. When this happens, you start hearing more of the road noises, feeling more of its impact, losing your ability to steer the vehicle as was intended, feeling looseness in handling and cornering, which end up wearing out your tires prematurely.  

The bushings on the front control arms of your Tesla, if worn, will allow for uncontrolled toe, caster and camber changes based on axle torque. When they wear enough, you'll start getting clunks, bangs and "drive weirdness." (Pulling one direction or another under throttle or regen). With grossly excessive wear you risk bending or shearing off the bolts which go through them under shock loads which can collapse the suspension. Not to mention, premature tire wear due to the massive torque of the Tesla electric motors.

While OEM rubber bushings might sag or rot away with time, our control arm bushings will have a very long service life and make your Tesla more enjoyable to drive.

Why use JeePerf bushings?  

We build our bushings to achieve special design targets. They need to have a precise fit, very long, reliable service life, steady, non-degradable performance throughout their service life, and to have better value than OEM offerings. For control arms, they also need to provide an unimpeded, smooth, non-binding, fluid motion that is comfortable to live with on a daily basis. 

In order to achieve these goals we decided to:  

- Use softer, specially treated, permanently lubricated Polyurethane to dampen road noise and provide a quiet, comfortable yet very well controlled ride. Our soft polyurethane compound is proprietarily treated to provide ride qualities similar to NEW rubber in comfort, yet have the famous long service life of polyurethane.  

- Use a fully floating bushing design so it will maintain a fluid, resistance free, full range of motion. 

- Use chromoly alloy for crush pins and spacers to provide extremely solid engagement to the vehicle yet hard enough not to fuse itself to the mounting bolt that made replacing the bushing in the past a tough and expensive exercise.

With this design we are able to achieve more flexing and more load handling capacity than OEM, while maintaining low NVH, and deliver a very long service life at the same time. 

We strongly believe that using our links  bushings is a great upgrade to your suspension and will deliver the best road handling, daily driver comfort possible. 

You now might be asking, if this design is so good, why don't my OEM bushings come from the manufacturer this way?   The simple answer to this is COST.

These bushings are more expensive to produce. Very high end vehicle manufacturers do use novel designs as OEM when pure performance is their end goal, since the bushings cost gets absorbed into how much they sell their vehicles for (think Ferraris, Porsches, race prepared vehicles, ...etc.). We believe our bushings are the ultimate upgrade to an otherwise average, OEM bushings and we invite you to consider them as a long life, high performance, yet economical upgrade to other OEM like alternatives. 

We believe we achieved our design goals with these bushings and believe you will be impressed with the results. We spared no expense designing and building these bushings which are hand built using the very best materials available. 

Built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, we invite you to consider them when you want to Replace, IMPROVE, UPGRADE and SAVE future repair costs for your suspension links.

For Tesla Model Years:


Tesla OEM Part Numbers:


1041570-00-B, 1041570-00-A, 104157000B, 104157000A, 1041570


1027351-00-B, 1027351-00-A, 1027351-00-C

Re-engineered upgrade. This listing is for ALL 6 bushings to upgrade FOUR front Control Arms.

Tesla Model S/X FULL front dream suspension Upgrade (6 Bushings)

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