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Branching Out

JeePerf has been focusing on the Jeep Brand, especially the WK/XK models for the past few years. We saw the potential of these great models, wanted to address some of their shortcomings and further enhance their performance and longevity. We had some ORIGINAL ideas and decided to offer products to solve real problems for this great IFS platform.

We started by offering high quality, long life bushings and designed a lot of performance suspension components to realize the full potential of the IFS platform.

We still have more products for the WK/XK platforms in development and testing and will be introducing more new and exciting products for them.

Since our suspension design and technology is portable and proven, we started paying some attention to other IFS brands like Hummers, Porsches, Dodge RAMs, Toyotas and other great platforms.

We started by offering bushings using our tried and proven bushings technology with great success.

We followed that up by offering our SuperFlex tie rods to further enhance their road handling manners with good success.

As part of our branching out strategy, we also started paying some attention to SAS platforms and began by offering them our long life as well as high articulation, Hybrid Spherical suspension bushings.

We are starting to receive a warm reception and acceptance of our products there and are excited to keep on branching out, solving real life problems and presenting new and original technology.

Please keep JeePerf as one of your viable options when you are ready to either improve or replace your vehicle. If we don't have what you are looking for, we will be willing to research it and possibly introduce a solution to enhance the performance or economize your ride.

Thank you for your business.

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