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FOX 2.0 Coilover for WK/XK

We started this project by wanting to build a front coilover kit for the Jeep WK/XK platform. The limited selections of shock absorbers and springs really limit the potential of such IFS vehicles. We wanted to open up the choices for our customers to allow using better components at a very reasonable cost. To build the coilover system, we had to decide what are readily available components to use for it. We decided to use some high quality, high performance components from the Jeep Wrangler JK platform and from reputable spring vendors to build the coilover around them. Why did we choose components from the JK platform? The Wrangler is the iconic Jeep, and is probably the most modified type of vehicle on the planet. As such, there are plenty of vendor support and component options available for it at all price ranges, lifts and performance levels. For our kit to be valuable to our customers, we decided to build it and test it around Fox 2.0 Front Shock Absorbers for the JK.

The Fox 2.0 shock absorber is the entry level shock to performance suspension. It provides excellent damping, it has revalving and tuning options and is rebuildable, so we went to work. We also decided to use coilover springs from known and reputable coilover spring vendors, which offer their springs according to engineering specifications. In our case, we built and tested the kit using Eibach Springs.

It is strongly recommended for you to get the shocks and springs directly so you get the full warranty and customer service on them if you ever needed that.

Guidelines in Selecting Shocks and Springs: 1- Decide first how much lift you want. That lift height determines the length of the FOX 2.0 shock you need. Based on your target lift, you can select the FOX 2.0 shocks according to the following recommendations - At 0-2" of lift, you can use the front FOX 2.0 shock for stock Wrangler JK. Yes, you read that correctly, you can now use FOX shocks even at WK/XK OEM height - At 2-4" of lift, you can use the front FOX 2.0 shock for 1.5-3.5" lifted Wrangler JK - At 4"+ of lift, you can use the front FOX 2.0 shock for 4-6" lifted Wrangler JK 2- Springs are actually what lift your vehicle so the most important question to answer here is which engine do you have and what accessories you have or plan to have on your front end - If you have the 3.7L or 4.7L engine, the recommended spring rate range is 500-550 lbs/inch - If you have the 5.7L Hemi or the 3.0 CRD Diesel engine, the recommended spring rate range is 600-650 lbs/inch - If you have steel bumper, winch and such heavy add-ons, you will want to add another 50 lbs/inch to the recommended spring rate Springs come in different lengths. It is called the spring free length. The recommended free length of the front spring is 14-16" depending on how much lift you want. Its inner diameter is 2.5". $ Cost Comparisons: A pair of Wrangler JK non-reservoir front FOX 2.0 shocks is typically around $300 in the USA including shipping. A pair of Eibach springs is typically around $200 in the USA including shipping. When you add to that the cost of the JeePerf Coilover Kit plus its shipping charges (heavy 22 lbs), you now have the choice to have a better performing front suspension system for the WK/XK platform that is high performance, tunable, height adjustable and rebuildable from some of the best vendors of Jeep suspension components in the world for around $1000


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