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ToughRack Initial Impressions:

"I installed my JeePerf tuff rack kit. Ny steering was becoming more of a gamble. Heavy duty mount bushings and a a new V piston for the adjustment cup steering cylinder something. Lol

I have got to say it has completely changed my feeling in the steering wheel. No bump steer which is crazy..first time in knocking at all not even a little one from the rack.

Granted the entire rack and pinion TRE and all are brand new mopar it's very tight responsive steering.

So far 60miles, freeway backroads and some crappy residential potholes and such on it and loving it. I had some bad section of road I'd hit every day and cringe before I'd get close to the pot holes. It was pretty smooth for what I drive lol.

Before the install my tie rods and TRE were in decent shape. My rack was leaky however and developed lots of slop and knocking.

10/10 so far !

Thank you Wally ElSakka!" Taylor J Welch, April 26th, 2020


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