Keeping the Hemi COOL

We finished installing, testing and running this mod and want to share our experience with you.

This mod involves adding an engine oil cooler, fans and gauges to cool and monitor engine oil temperature and pressure.

We noticed that with the addition of a steel front bumper, those tend to block off a lot of the radiator air flow, compromising the cooling efficiency of your radiator.

Depending on the design of your front bumper, you might notice your coolant temperature is getting hotter than before.

We gave that some thought and wanted to address this issue.

We started by adding electric pusher fans to the radiator but were not happy with the results.

So, we wanted to address the core of the problem and come up with a solution that is more fundamental and offer more performance benefits.

This mod helps the radiator cooling efficiency, by adding an extra, thermostatically controlled, engine oil cooling circuit to the Hemi engine.

This stabilizes engine oil temperature at optimal level, even when towing or pushing it hard, and adds an extra measure of safety and longevity to your engine and engine oil.

We love this mod, and invite you to consider doing it if you want to crank out more performance, get more longevity, add that extra margin of safety or improve the cooling efficiency of your engine.

Please shoot us any questions you might have. This is just our pet project and is not a product of JeePerf.

We will be happy to share our experience with you and assist you in selecting its components if you decided to implement it.




After publishing this, many asked us if we offer this system to sell under our company name JeePerf. We don't, at least not untill there is some demand for it.

All of its major building blocks are readily available from Derale, Mishimoto, Earl's and others. Here are some links we found on ebay that can help you build your own system:

Filter Adapter

Thermostatically controlled filter mount

Oil cooler

Braided Hose kit

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