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The JeePerf 5"+ Jeep WK/XK Lift

The JeePerf WK/XK Front 5"+ Lift

JeePerf has been developing performance suspension components for the Jeep WK/XK and other IFS platforms for many years.

With more demands to offer a 5"+ lift for the WK, more key components needed to be developed to complete the solution.

To understand the complexity of this project, we need to explain some basic principles.

IFS is a suspension systems made up of many custom fit parts, ALL of which are designed and assembled to work TOGETHER as ONE system. It is made up of many pieces of a puzzle all of which complement and integrate one another.

When you lift your IFS WK by, say 2", you are doing few things. You are raising its still position by 2" thus INCREASING its up-stroke range by that same 2", and REDUCING its down-stroke range by that same 2". You are basically trading something for another. You are increasing your Jeep's up-stroke, while reducing its down-stroke which makes the ride harsher.

As you lift your Jeep more than 2", say 3" or more, you are reducing your down-stroke further and making your Jeep that much more uncomfortable.

Can we give the Jeep more lift, while maintaining a COMFORTABLE down-stroke?? The answer is always yes but at what cost and complexity??

This is where we needed to think of a re-engineering approach.

The physical dimensions of the Jeep, the height of the steering spindle and the lengths of the upper and lower control arms are what determined the original suspension stroke limits to begin with.

That means some measurements and some dimensions need to change for more lift and comfortable ride. Doing that using relocation brackets is always a more economical approach than designing new spindles and new control arms.

The design philosophy we adopted is to be able to lift the WK/XK 5"+ while maintaining the use of the most number of OEM components, including the steering spindle.

The JeePerf lift will not require any specialized welding skills to install, does not require you to go to any specialized installation centers and can be put on by any backyard mechanic.

The main components of the JeePerf 5"+ lift are:


  • JeePerf front LCA Drop cross member

  • JPRF6292 Adjustable Height UniBall Joints (to make to OEM spindle longer and upgrade your existing JBA or RRO UCAs)

  • JeePerf SuperFlex TRE and Steering knuckle raise block

  • JeePerf 5"+ Diff Drop kit with cross member reinforcement brace

These components will lift the IFS. At this point, you will need new shock/spring geometries to accommodate the larger range of suspension travel stroke. That can be achieved by using either a coilover, Bilstein 5100 strut extensions (if you already have those shocks), or our Flexlift to accommodate any other shock absorbers you already have.

Doing this sets up both your front end geometry and proper dynamic suspension stroke.

For more information, please visit:


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