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Hydro-Poly Bushing Installation

The Hydro-Poly bushing is a unique JeePerf bushing concept that offers:

  • Long service Life

  • Comfort to live with on a daily basis

  • Tight yet comfortable control of motion and vibrations

  • Vibration absorption enhanced by both the soft PU used and the Hydraulic damping effect of the internally trapped grease

It is like nothing else on the market and some instructions on installation are needed to take full advantage of their performance

The bushing is made up of two halves with metal sleeves. Each half has its own crush pin with one half being longer than the other. The crush pins are intended to be pressed into each other for a tight seal to prevent debris from going inside the bushing and keep the grease internally trapped.

To install properly, please use a hydraulic press to push the two halves using the lip of the metal sleeve. Do not push on the PU material.

Start by pressing the half with the short pin, followed by the half of the long pin.

Guide and start the male crush pin into the female half. You are now ready to press in the second half

When doing that you will notice the long pin pushing outwards as you push on the metal lip of the sleeve. Don't be alarmed by that. You will later use a long bolt to bring the two inner pin halves into full engagement together for a tight seal.

Just make sure you start the male and female properly so they engage into one another before pressing them shut. You don't want to misalign them otherwise you can bend the crush pin so it is best to use a bolt for that process.


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