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Installation Instructions JeePerf 5"+ Front Lift

Some important points on installing the5"+ lift front end parts are:

1- Use the UCA Uniball joint as is and mount under your UCA. We send it properly height adjusted, but for reference, its height is set at 45mm (30+10+5mm)

2- Mount your LCA drop bracket as centered as possible. Flip the rear mount of your LCA. It will mount under the chassis.

3- Mount the tie rod end spindle raise block. Try to rotate it to suggested position per the pictures before securing it into the spindle. That should be done by hand without forcing any part into its place. Once the block is sitting comfortably in the knuckle and rotated, mount the castle nut and secure it in place. Tighten the locknut and insert the cotter pin to keep the raise block in position.

4- Once the block is sitting in place, mount the Superflex rod end on it. Use medium strength thread lock on the bolt to secure it in place over the raise block. Do not change its height from the setup we set for you already.

5- Mount the differential drop kit and mark where the front prop shaft hits the crossmember. Cut the crossmember under the driveshaft and weld the reinforcement plate under the driveshaft.

All front end geometry is now set for 5"+ lift. Install your coilover or modified strut assembly.

Cycle the suspension at full droop and at extreme steering angles to make sure all components can move freely without any binding.

You may have to use longer Swaybar links, or make other adjustments if any front end component is binding.

It is highly recommended at this point to use limiting straps that limit maximum droop about 1" shorter than maximum.

All front end alignment angles are now way out of spec. Get an alignment immediately.


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