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Assembling the Fox 2.0 JeePerf Coilover Kit for the Jeep WK/XK

Since we introduced our Fox 2.0 coilover kit for the WK/XK platform using the Jeep Wrangler JK front Fox 2.0 shocks, many have asked how to assemble it.

This will be a short write-up on the steps needed to put the coilover together.

  • Start by taking off the nut and bushings off the Fox shocks

  • Add thread lock to the thread of the shock and start threading and tightening it into the bottom part of the kit

  • Slide that bottom piece into the LCA mount and tighten securely

  • Slide the threaded tube over the cylindrical body of the shock with the Allen key bolts towards the bottom. Once secured in place, tighten the Allen key bolts in the bottom gently to the shock absorber

  • Thread the height adjustment nut on the threaded tube and turn clockwise all the way down

  • Slide the thrust bearing and Delrin isolators on the threaded tube

  • Add your 2.5" inner diameter coilover spring on the Delrin isolators and center all components on the tube properly

  • Add the top Delrin isolator to the spring

  • Bolt the upper shock mount into the upper coilover mount

  • Thread the adjustment nut by hand untill the spring sits snugly in the assembly

  • Do the same thing with the other side until you have both coilovers ready.

  • The springs are now at zero preload. Mark that position because now you will start applying spring preload.

  • From that hand tight assembly position (zero position) start by threading the coilover nut 20 turns upwards, which represents 2 inches of preload.

  • Do the other side also applying 20 turns of spring preload. Now both struts have identical preload

  • Install the coilover on your vehicle just like you would do with its strut assembly

  • For any further height adjustments please do so in small increments one side at a time, keeping track of how many turns you apply on each side so your coilovers have exact preload on each side.

  • It is highly recommended to add limiting straps to you coilover assembly by using the upper mount lobes. Start with 25" limiting straps if you have up to 4" of lift then add 1" for every extra inch of lift.


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